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Company Philosophy

GFI Traceability

GFI stands for quality. We work as much as possible with permanent, reliable suppliers. In order to continue to paint an up-to-date and reliable picture of these suppliers, we regularly visit them to audit.

For example, we can accurately determine the origin of our soy. Our suppliers manage the entire process and only buy from known, affiliated farmers. For our customers a traceability up to the farmer or grower can be requested per batch. We also visit almost all suppliers every two years.

Invest in proper suppliers

We also regularly visit new, potential suppliers. It is important to build a business relationship with good producers for the long term. We notice that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good and affordable products. Increasingly, residues of glyphosate, for example, are also found in organically grown products. That is why we invest a lot in suppliers who can deliver good quality products, but who also ask for an acceptable price.

Changing organic world

The organic world is not an easy world to participate in. Air, water and soil are increasingly contaminated, but equipment is also measuring increasingly accurate. Substances that could not be traced a few years ago can now be traced in more advanced laboratories. It makes us even more aware of the importance of keeping the world clean and liveable. It also makes us more aware of the importance of our work.

You can always contact us and ask questions about us and our suppliers. We will show you the results of the relevant audits. We're happy to work with you on a sincere good product.