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Fair Trade

We work according to the Fair Trade IBD principle. Fair Trade IBD is an international quality mark for organic agriculture and people & work. Owner of Fair Trade IBD is a Brazilian institute: Instituto Biodinâmico for Rural Development (IBD).

What demands does Fair Trade IBD make?

Fair Trade IBD guarantees organic farming and good working conditions for the farmers and stimulates a fair price for farmers. Fair Trade IBD is about improving the living conditions of small farmers and increasing self-reliance - for example, attention is paid to the land rights of the indigenous population.

Farmers must grow organically for Fair Trade IBD, but there are also requirements for working conditions and fair trade. Fair Trade IBD also requires a plan for continuous improvement in the environmental and social fields. Traders pay a bit more for products with the Fair Trade IBD quality mark, but they are certain that they buy good products that are grown under responsible conditions.

The farmers in the process can often improve the standard of living of their social environment, sometimes the whole village, through the way of rewarding Fair Trade IBD.

How do they inspect that? 

IBD carries out the inspection itself. IBD is an accredited organization.

Do you want to know more about Fair Trade IBD: