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We purchase our products with care. To be able to offer the right quality we are constantly searching for reliable suppliers, who offer us products with the right price / quality ratio. We consider the origin of the products and their processing.

We buy under Conditions of the Dutch Trade in Cereals and Feedstuff Raw Materials (CNGD) in Rotterdam. These are standards set by the Royal Association of the Committee of Grain Traders. In other combinations we use the standards of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (Gafta) in London.

Method & procedures

When the products arrive in, for example, the port, they are physically checked by a surveyor on the spot. This person checks the physical quality, and takes samples, seals them and send the specimens to an accredited laboratory for extensive research. The multiple products are examined at multiple standards.

For Example

An example research of a Soy research: Weende analysis (The Weende analysis is a collective name for the analysis of moisture, crude fat, crude protein, crude ash and crude fiber.)
Research is conducted on: KOH: protein solubility - heavy metals - Salmonella - GMO - Urease - Melamine - Glyphosate - Pesticides GCMS-LCMSMS positive and negative - Chlormequat - Mepiquat - Dioxins and Dioxin-like PCBs.

The relevant party remains blocked for sale until the results of the laboratory are known and the batch is approved. This prevents goods that might be at fault in the market. A complete analysis of our soy and cake or meal is always available digitally at the request of our customers.

Sustainable development

By involving the whole world in our trade and being critical of the products, we can unburden you. We ensure that you receive the right raw materials, with a origin that is checked and can always be retrieved. We build sustainable relationships with our suppliers and with our customers.